Accelerated Packages 

Make your new modular home build easier and quicker

Lead times for new home builds are getting longer and longer. Recent residential construction time frames have blown out to between 1 and 2 years industry wide. It’s a constant source of frustration for our clients and ourselves as home builders. 

So to help new homebuyers move into their dream homes sooner, we’ve created Accelerated Packages for those wanting the fastest possible build timeframe. 

Please Note: Accelerated Packages are not available for all of our house designs. Please see below for further details. 


Browse our range of home designs which are available as Accelerated Packages

Why are build times getting longer?

Longer lead times for sourcing products across a variety of industries seems to have become a hallmark of the post-COVID world. Most imported goods, and even goods made in Australia, have extended wait times. If you’ve been shopping around for a new car lately, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

In the building world, longer lead times for products has the following multiplying effects: 

  • Higher chance for costs to blow out: With the inflation problem still firmly in front of us, longer lead times means inflation will have a more significant effect on the price of new home builds. It also means that the margin a builder expects to make on your house today will be reduced the longer it takes to build.
  • Discontinued and out-of-stock lines: Along with inflation, we’ve seen an increase in discontinued and out-of-stock lines of commonly used building materials – and the long wait times means that something you choose for your new house now may not even be available in a year. There is a shortage of several popular construction materials in Australia at the moment – including timber, steel, kitchen materials and  cement. Sourcing replacement products takes time.
  • Changes to building codes and requirements: Across the construction industry, we are seeing building code updates and increased energy efficiency requirements come into play. A major example is the updated National Construction Code 2022 (NCC 2022). The consequence of this is that the design and specifications you signed up for months ago may not be compliant in a year when the NCC takes full effect on May 1 2023, meaning you will have to redesign your house in order to make it compliant with the new codes. 

Why Choose an Accelerated Package build?

Swift Move-In: Experience a reduced timeframe, getting you into your new home at least two months earlier.

Efficient Build Process: With fixed plans, we’ve eliminated the back-and-forth, ensuring a smooth and streamlined construction

Simplified Interior Design: Choose from six elegant standard colour palettes designed to suit a range of tastes while maintaining the accelerated timeline.

Tailored Upgrades: While the package offers limited upgrades, they are thoughtfully chosen to include essentials like:
• Air Conditioning and Heating
• Soil Type Adjustments
• Bushfire and Wind Ratings
• Considerations for Sloping Sites

Quality Inclusions: Enjoy Laminex benchtops as a stylish alternative to CaesarStone, a 300mm splashback in wet areas, and a close-coupled toilet suite.

Please keep in mind:
• The Accelerated Package is exclusive to select house plans.
• To maintain the swift timeline, no alterations to plans or colour selections are permitted.
• Federation and Nordic-style houses are not available under this package.

Embark on an expedited journey to your dream home with our Accelerated Package, balancing speed with quality and style. Dive in, and let’s make your home dreams come true faster!

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Like to know more about our Accelerated Packages?

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We have been designing and building stunning modular homes since 1993, so we’ve got our processes streamlined and our designs down to a fine art. 

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