How we partner with you to build your modular home 

The decision to purchase a modular home is an exciting one! There’s lots for you to think about, from the overall design to how you can finance your purchase. There’s also a lot of steps to be taken before your home is delivered to your block of land and made ready for you to move into. 

However, there’s no need to feel daunted! Since 1993, Westbuilt Homes have been designing, building and installing modular homes. In that time, we have streamlined and finetuned our processes so that everything runs like clockwork for our clients.

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This is how we get it done:

Step 1 – Initial Site Analysis & Design Brief
We first meet with you at your block of land and look for any elements that may have an impact on the design of your house, such as if your land is sloping or narrow. Identifying any potential problems / opportunities will help us ensure we design the very best home for the specifics of your land.

After this we will present you with an initial sketch design brief and also a rough price range. 

Step 2 – Initial Investment
Next, we move to the initial investment stage.

This typically involves a payment of approximately 1% of the estimated home value and allows us to get started with the process of providing you with a totally fixed price. During this stage, we will also begin organising soil testing, council checks, checking bushfire requirements as well as checking energy efficiency requirements. This information assists us in preparing for your council approval while ensuring we will provide you with a truly fixed price.

Step 3 – Design & Site Analysis
The next step involves working with our experienced design team to create an initial design plan. This may involve tweaking one of our existing designs or coming up with something from scratch. 

The main goal of this step is getting your ideas out of your mind and onto paper. We encourage you to really imagine what sort of lifestyle you want to enjoy in your modular home and how your family/friend’s factor into this.  We bring our extensive design expertise to the fore. Our team will give advice and insights based on their experience of creating on average 70 homes a year. They know how to make sure the overall design of the whole house works well, such as how to ensure the layout takes advantage of natural breezes and the kitchen space is easy to move around in during family meal times.  

Step 4 – Revisit your Pricing
Back in step two, we gave you an estimated budget for the price of building your new home.

Now, with all the info above, we can give you a firmer budget as well as a revised design brief. This enables you to talk to your bank about finance and then move forward with securing council approval.  Once all your finances are in order, it is now time to move to the council approval and colour selection stages. To get this started we usually require a further part payment of approximately $10,000 - $20,000, depending on what your council fees are.

Step 5 – Council Approval
We manage the council approval process with the objective of getting your approval in a timely manner.

We’ll complete the engineering of your home and lodge all necessary paperwork to council. Council approval packages usually cost around $8,000 to $20,000 depending on the size of your home and council’s approval requirements. 

Step 6 – Selection of Inclusions and Colours 
While the council approval process is underway, our colour consultant will work with you to fine-tune the details of your home design including: 

  • Floor coverings
  • Tapware
  • Tiles
  • Cabinetry colours
  • Appliances
  • Internal and external colours
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Step 7 – Fixed Price 
Once we secure your council approval and you have completed all of the selections for your inclusions/colours, we will then give you an absolute final fixed price and draw up your contract.

Step 8 — Construction Setup
It’s now time for our design team to pass the baton to our construction team. After your contract has been signed and payment has been received, we will slot your modular home into our construction schedule for production. 

There will also be an initial setup meeting with you and our operations manager a few weeks before construction to finalise details such as utilities access and to ensure everyone is on the same page with your home design.

Step 9 — Manufacturing
Your home will start taking shape in our factory. Here’s a quick rundown of the behind-the-scenes process: 

  • Weld the chassis/base of your home
  • Erect the wall frames 
  • Install the roof, windows and external cladding
  • Wiring, piping in all internal and external walls
  • Install insulation in ceiling and external walls
  • Sheeting and plastering of internal walls
  • Waterproofing and tiling
  • Internal doors, skirtings and architraves
  • Install kitchen, robes and any cabinetry
  • Paint the house - internal and external
  • Tapware, lights, switches
  • Floor coverings
  • Final clean

The final step involves preparing each module for transport and loading them up on flatbed trucks. Your house will now be ready for delivery to your site. Foundations will be laid in the week prior to delivery. 

Step 10 - Onsite Construction
After your home has made its trek from our factory to your property, the onsite construction team will take over. It usually takes around 1-2 weeks to complete the following: 

  • Deliver and install modules on pre-laid foundations
  • Construct external verandahs, sub-floor skirting, stairs
  • Top to bottom interior detailing
  • Onsite plumbers and electricians connect to services, install septic tanks etc.
  • Final painting
  • Final defect checks and inspections
  • Council inspection
  • Handover the keys!

And that’s how it’s done! Ready to get started?

If you think that building a modular home might be the best option for you, talk to the team at Westbuilt Homes.

Simply click here to book a no obligation consultation with one of our modular experts. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.