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The cost of designing and building a modular home varies depending on a number of factors, just like building a regular sized home. Where your land is located, your desired inclusions and the size of your home will affect the final cost dramatically. 

We’d love to be able to give you an exact price for all our home designs, however every one of our modular homes is as unique as our clients, so every home is priced differently.

To be able to work out a budget and pricing options for you, the first step is to sit down with you to work out what your exact requirements are. That way our design consultant will ensure that they are giving you the most relevant and accurate pricing.

So you can get a better understanding of modular home pricing in general, we’ve put together a useful guide which explains some of the key factors you’ll need to think about when deciding upon your budget and getting your finances in order. Simply click the icon below to download your copy.

Pricing guide. Get an idea of your modular home budget

Our Pricing Structure and Fixed Price Guarantee 

To provide a greater level of flexibility in our pricing, Westbuilt Homes offer three standard levels of inclusions. These are:

  1. Bronze Level: This is our base pricing level. It will include delivery and installation of the relocatable prefab home at your site at a lower inclusion level.
  2. Gold Level: The standard pricing level is the most common for relocatable homes. It includes delivery and installation to your site, floorcoverings, stone benchtops, LED downlights and a good level of quality inclusions. 
  3. Platinum Level: The Platinum level includes a full premium package including a higher level of inclusions such as routed 2-pac cupboards and black tapware. Obviously, with the increased inclusions level, this pricing is the highest. It is available to our clients on any home design.

No Hidden Costs 

Something that we pride ourselves on at Westbuilt is that the contract price we offer you is always fixed

To ensure there are no unexpected budget blowouts, a design consultant will help you through the process of perfecting every detail of your home design so you avoid needing to make variations. Our sales administration team will also take the preliminary steps that are critical to giving you a fixed and final price (such as arranging engineering and soil tests).

With our team dedicated to taking care of every minor and major detail, there will never be any hidden costs for you to worry about.

Pricing guide. Get an idea of your modular home budget

FAQs about our Modular Home Pricing

While we can’t give you an exact cost for a modular home before meeting with you first, here’s some FAQs that we are sure are already on your mind.

Are modular homes cheaper than buying traditionally constructed houses?

Modular homes are generally more cost-effective to build compared to traditional homes, particularly if you have a remote/rural property. This is primarily due to shorter build times as modular homes are assembled in a controlled environment. As they are built in a factory, a modular home isn’t affected by bad weather conditions which can often prolong traditional construction. Builders and tradespeople are also able to spend much less time on site which can substantially cut costs when building in remote locations.

Is transport included in the cost?
Yes, we include transport costs in your pricing. We don’t have a per/kilometer rate for transport. Instead, we give you a fixed price for delivery to your site.
Can you deliver anywhere?
We can deliver anywhere in QLD and the northern half of NSW.
Are council fees included in the cost?
Yes. Your building and plumbing approval fees are included. If you do need a DA for a second dwelling, there will be an additional cost for this.
Are onsite connections included in the cost?
No, these are not included as these costs can vary for each area. Costs can also vary depending on the location of the build site on an acreage block. However, we can provide assistance with obtaining quotes from local trades people.
Are floor coverings included?

Yes. Tiles in wet areas and carpets in the bedrooms are included. Vinyl flooring in living and hallway areas are all standard.

Upgrade options to polished timber flooring or tiles are available. Click here to download our inclusions guide for more details.
Can a modular home be built to withstand cyclones? And if so, what does it cost?
Yes. Our homes can be very easily built to meet required cyclone ratings. Costs will depend on the size of your home and the area in which you are building. For example, if your block of land is on top of a hill 500 metres from the beach, it will need a higher cyclone rating than if it is further inland in a built up and protected area.
Can I supply my own appliances and will this save costs?

Yes, you can for some items.

For example, you may be able to find a special deal for your kitchen appliances from a retailer that can give you a  saving.

However you’d need to talk to our design consultant prior to purchasing them to ensure that there will be no adverse impact on building costs.

Are Modular Homes cheaper than buying a traditionally constructed house?

Modular Homes are generally more cost-effective than traditional construction. This is primarily due to shorter build times as prefab homes are assembled in a controlled environment. When built in a factory a home isn’t affected by bad weather conditions which can often prolong traditional construction. Builders are also able to spend less time on site which can substantially cut costs when building in remote locations.

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Would you like to get an estimate for building with Westbuilt Homes?

If you think that building a new modular home might be the best option for you, talk to the team at Westbuilt Homes.  We have been designing and building stunning modular homes since 1993, so we’ve got our processes streamlined and our designs down to a fine art. 

To request a no obligation consultation with one of our modular experts, simply click this link here. We’d be happy to help you get the ball rolling and answer any questions you may have.