Top 3 most requested facades for modular homes. (And how to achieve the looks)

Wondering what sort of façade you need on your new modular home? Or just browsing for some inspiration? 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 most requested facades that our clients ask about. From the Hamptons, QLDER and Nordic facades you can make sure your new modular home will look stunning plus suit you exactly.

So, read on to find out what the top 3 most requested facades for modular homes.

White fence, large garden and moveable home

White fence, large garden and moveable home

Queenslander Facade

This home façade is our number one request and is inspired by the traditional Queenslander home. With the octagonal pergola off the side and stately front entry porch, the Queenslander façade is beautiful. Kitted out with French doors, QLDer style trims, finials and arches this style is simply stunning.

Not only does this façade look great it is also a great way to add value to your home. This style is timeless and doesn’t date. It will look as at home on an acreage in rural QLD to the suburbs of South East Queensland.

You can be sure that, in comparison to some more modern styles, the home will not date. And, if done properly, your new modular home will still look great in many years’ time, thus increasing your home and property value.


To create the QLDer façade style on a modular home you need to start with verandahs. Stick with at least 2.4m wide and have the verandahs on at least two sides. Next, if your budget allows, you need to add a pergola or some sort of entertainment deck off the verandahs. Find out about some of our most requested verandah features.

French Doors

Another feature of traditional Queenslander style homes is to have French style doors opening out from every room onto the verandahs. Add timber French doors instead of windows to your modular home facade and your set. Just imagine a sea breeze drifting through your home on a sticky QLD evening!

Garden fence and relocatable home with verander


This is what really makes the design pop. Add double posts to the verandahs plus verandah features. If you really want to take it the whole way add dowel handrails and final features to the gables. Check out the Finlayson’s website for some real Queenslander inspiration.

Hamptons Style

This style has a distinctly American touch with a touch of the beach but also very sophisticated and classic touch. The Hampton’s style takes its inspiration for the homes in beachside Hamptons district of northeastern USA.

By adding traditional style weatherboard cladding such as Weathertex Primelok and colonial bars to the windows you can easily make your home look stunning!

Do it right, and the Hamptons style will make your house really stand out, plus make it a nice place to live!

Windows & Doors

One of the main features of the Hamptons style is the use of large doors and windows. Make sure you add window trims and colonial bars and your all set.

The plus side of this is that with larger windows and doors comes added light and airflow. This means that your home will be easier to keep cool in the summer months as well as making it a really nice homely place to live!


Choosing the right external colouring can really make your Hamptons style modular home pop! We’d recommend you use white for all your trims, windows and roof. Then use a medium grey or a sky blue on the cladding.

Stepped Ceilings

Internally, if you wish to keep the look of your home going we suggest you consider stepped ceiling in your living areas. Not only do they look great, but it really adds a touch of class to your home.

Nordic Façade

And finally, the Nordic façade. This façade is sophisticated, minimalist and decidedly trendy. With a boxier look on the outside, floor to ceiling windows and doors and dark colours this style is sure to please.

The clean & square external look

You want to keep a very square look on the outside. The Nordic façade does away with the traditional gable style and hides the roof behind parapet walls.

To complete the Nordic look, we recommend you consider adding stained timber cladding to the walling in the verandah and patio areas.

Windows and Doors

In keeping with the minimalist style, you need to ensure all the doors and windows are full height. This means that they run from the floor to the ceiling creating a very open and clean feel to the home. They also have the added benefit of helping airflow, increasing light and making it easier to move furniture into your rooms. No more banging the bed on the door sill!!!!

You could also consider doing away with hinged doors altogether and go with cavity sliding doors. Yes, cavity doors have improved no end since the good old days of having a door off its rollers. We use the Hume Evolution system with works really well!

Clean Lines

Now to keep those clean lines and minimalist look you need to do away with traditional skirting boards and cornice. With the cornice, this means that rather than a traditional cornice you will have a square set corner. And instead of skirting you can have an un-rebated plasterboard sheet that runs to the floor.

Want to know more?

So, this is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list by any means. We hope that you have found it helpful and its opened your mind as to the possibilities available with modular building!

If you would like help to apply a specific façade to your home or would like help with designing your home to suit your exact needs we’re here to help. Just give one of our Design Consultants a call on 1800 688 044 or complete a price request by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can always download our Look Book here for more inspiration!



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