Four tips to ensure a stress-free build.

Yes, building a home can be an exceedingly stressful, especially when things don’t go to plan. We’re the first to admit that we’ve caused our clients undue to stress due to our mistakes or faulty systems! Based on our experience, we thought we’d give everyone some tips to help them make the road to their new home as relaxed as possible!

So,  let’s look at the four main things you can do to reduces your stress when building with any builder. If your looking for a smooth, stress-free then getting these points right is critical!

Spend time on the Design

Yep – sounds pretty boring! But it’s one of the most critical steps in the whole process. Skipping or not paying attention to the fine details when designing your new home is a sure way to headaches in the later stages of your build!

During this process, most builders will analyse things like your site, your plan and your inclusions. We don’t believe they’re areas of the building process that can be just broad-brushed or tick and flicked.

Sort your Budget Early

The next important tip is to make sure you let your builder know a realistic budget as early as possible! Yes, we know you can feel exposed or fear that a builder might take advantage of your budget. But, if your builder does that to you, are they the right builder for you?

The second part of the budgeting factor is to ensure your builder is going to offer a genuinely fixed price contract. If you’re being rushed into a deal before you have finalised your plans, specifications and site analysis, then expect lots of variations and extra costs ahead! We recommend you only sign a formal contract once your plans, specifications and site analysis is complete and with a minimal option for provisional prices.

Choose the Right Builder

The final, and you might say, the most important tip is to choose the right builder for you. You may ask, how do you do this?

Well, a couple of simple checks can help. First, check reviews on Google or Facebook, even better you could also get a reference from someone who has already built with the builder. Secondly, check their licence on the QBCC website. And then lastly make sure they are a business that makes you feel comfortable, are honest and aren’t trying to be pushy!

Bonus: Modular Building

Now for a little plug because, well, why not! No seriously, if you are considering building a new home and are wanting a genuine stress free experience then its worth considering modular building. Modular building by Westbuilt means our clients can take advantage of a company that offers genuinely fixed-price contracts focuses on getting your design right and offers quick building times! It’s quite simple; modular homes are the easiest way to build.


If you have your own vision for your house, we are happy to work with you to design the perfect layout that is tailored just for you.


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