Caring for your timber deck

The following instructions have been compiled after speaking with industry experts, timber decking specialists and our own painters. By following these simple tips, you will be able to keep your deck in pristine condition and extend its life span considerably.

To start with the obvious, you need to keep it clean and well maintained. Sweep it frequently to remove dust and leaves, and wash it with water. Avoid using detergents or degreasers!

Most importantly, your deck needs a regular coat of decking oil or stain. The frequency of recoats depends on several factors such as your climate type, the level of exposure to the rain or sunlight, its proximity to pools, high and low traffic areas and the type of timber that has been used.

Deck prior to being oiled


Regular inspection of your deck is a must – keep it under 6 months – and check for fading, ‘greying’ or fine cracks. If you can start to see this, it means a recoat is needed.

Timber goes grey through UV exposure and rain which washes or bleaches the natural oils, pigments and tannins out of the timber.

A simple and easy way to test whether your timber deck is ready for re-coating is to sprinkle a little water on it. If the water is absorbed into the timber, it needs to be recoated.

Different areas of your deck will need recoating sooner than others. It is a good idea to still coat the whole deck, just apply it lighter to the areas that need it less.

Westbuilt and our team recommend using Cabot’s decking products to oil your deck. Cabot’s is a leading supplier of woodcare products in Australia. View their website at:

To see the difference between staining and oiling, visit:

Or download Cabot’s application guide:


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