Love the iconic Queenslander home look? To help guide you on how to convert your home into an iconic Queenslander style home, we’ve created a list of inclusions that you can add to any home design to create the perfect look!

First up, though, let’s consider what a Queenslander style home is. With higher ceilings, steeper roof pitches and wrap-around verandas, the iconic Queensland look is more than just a beautiful façade –it’s all about cooling. Anyone who has lived in Queensland for any amount of time will tell you about the legendary summer humidity!

So, to help homeowners cope with the sticky humid summers, the original homes were designed with wrap-around verandas, raised floors and large open windows and doors. These iconic features allowed the houses to catch even the smallest amount of breeze and keep you comfortable.

So, with this in mind, let’s look at some inclusions or options you could add to your home to give your home an iconic traditional style.

Feature 1: Steeper Roof Pitch – The Westbuilt folding roof system.

Ok, as we’re starting from the base level of a modular home, the first item we need to address is the roof pitch. One of the restrictions of a modular home is the roof height which is often limited by transport regulations. To overcome this height restriction, Westbuilt has come up with an innovative folding roof system. This system allows us to transport your modular home cost-effectively as well as giving you a steep (20 degree+) roof pitch. And if you’re going the full QLD look – make sure you add hip gables to the home!

Feature 2: Wrap Around Verandas

The next big-ticket item is the verandas. One of the iconic elements of a Queenslander home is the full-size wrap-around verandas. If you want to get that iconic look, then you can’t skimp on these must-have features.

So, with this in mind, we also recognize that verandas aren’t cheap. And a full wrap-around deck may put the home out of your budget. After some analysis we believe that there are two critical factors in adding verandas to your home while ensuring you get value for money;

  1. Entertaining – think about how you’re going to use your decks. You want to make sure that the primary use areas are wide enough, we recommend a minimum of 2.4m to 3.0m wide.
  2. Orientation – Now you need to consider which way your house is facing, from a sun and breeze perspective and your views. We recommend you review your outlook and aesthetics first and then find the breeze and sun path. Bear in mind that there are more cost-effective ways to reduce the heat load to your home than building a veranda! Check out our article on passive cooling here.

Feature 3: Chamfer board cladding.

The traditional cladding choice is hardwood chamfer boards with exposed shiplap boards under the verandas.

To recreate this look, you don’t need to break the bank. Our suggestions are Weathertex Old Colonial or Primelok for the main house cladding. Then, under the verandas, you add Weathertex Weathergroove with picture rails and chair rails to complete that iconic Queenslander look.

Feature 4: Federation Trims to your home.

Next item on the agenda is to add your trims. You can go to town here, depending on how true you want to stay to the vision on your Queensland style modular home and the size of your budget. You can’t go past Finlayson’s in Brisbane for finding the perfect trimmings for your home – check out their range here.

Feature 5: Internal VJ linings

Source: Queensland Homes Photo: John Downs https://www.queenslandhomes.com.au/renovators-guide-queenslander/

Now moving onto the interior, the last iconic feature to add is VJ panelling throughout the home. As you would know, floor to ceiling VJ panelling is one of the most stunning features of a Queenslander style home. At Westbuilt, we use MDF VJ panels similar to EasyCraft Easy VJ panelling.

Plus, bear in mind that while VJ is a little more expensive than plasterboard, you do get a robust product which can stand up to all but the heaviest knocks and blows your family can throw at it!


So, we hope this article gives you some further insight into how simple it is to convert a standard modular home into a beautiful, iconic Queensland style home. With the assistance of our in-house modular design team, you can create the home of your dreams. And with Westbuilt, you also get your home completed within a guaranteed timeframe, for a fixed price and with a reputable and experienced builder.


If you have your own vision for your house, we are happy to work with you to design the perfect layout that is tailored just for you.


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