Why should I consider a prefab home builder over an onsite builder?

So, why should I consider a modular home over against an onsite built home? Great question. There are several reasons why a modular building is a viable consideration for many clients. In saying this, we’re not all things to all people. Modular construction works for several reasons; first, they are quick to build; second, it’s a smooth building process, and lastly; we can 100% guarantee a fixed price.

Why Modular?

Fast. Move into your home in as little as 18 weeks!

Modular building is, in most cases, the quickest way to get your new home built. The houses are constructed in a factory environment where weather and subbies have minimal impact on the building timeline.

Easy & straightforward building processes!

Easy? You bet! We believe in making building easy for our clients. If you’ve built before, you will have experienced the frustration and hassle associated with making decision WHILE the build is ongoing.

And not only is it a pain in the neck, but it also slows down the build process. Well, with modular homes – you don’t have to worry about that – we get EVERYTHING sorted before you start building!

Quality. High-level finished and quality inclusions.

Stone Benchtops

Aren’t modular homes just cheap donga’s? NO! NO! and NO! Westbuilt modular homes are a viable, cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to an onsite build. And to boot, they’re excellent quality. That same factory building process that allows us to build quick and easy, also enable us to complete your home to a high level of quality, fit and finish!

Pricing for modular and prefab homes?

As we’ve mentioned above – modular homes ARE NOT CHEAP! In fact, you will find that a high-volume project home builder, with an off the shelf plan and fixed inclusions, will easily beat a modular builder on price.

Let’s face it, it’s mostly about price, isn’t it? If modular building isn’t cheaper then what’s the point? Fair enough – if the price is your only consideration then modular construction isn’t for you! But, what we can say is that if you are looking for a reputable builder to construct you a unique, custom-designed home on your very own acreage block then it’s worth a look!

What do our clients think?

See what Neil Jenman had to say about building modular!

“To say that we were overpleased would be an understatment…..”

Neil Jenman | Baralaba

“We just love it because its personalised to how we wanted it to be….”

Elyse | Roma

You can check out more videos on our Youtube channel here.

Interested in prefab building?

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If you have your own vision for your house, we are happy to work with you to design the perfect layout that is tailored just for you.


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