The Top 8 most useful design trends for modular homes in QLD and NSW.

Top design trends for modular homes

This week, we look at the Top 8 most useful design trends for modular homes in QLD and NSW.

We’ve gone out and spoken to some of our clients and looked at what our clients have been choosing to come up with this list of most popular design trends.

This list is what our clients are actually putting in their modular homes and we think that they have practical and useful ‘real world’ benefits! (Plus not break the bank!)

So, please read on to see the top 8 most useful design trends for prefab modular homes in QLD & NSW.

Wet Areas

Tiled Niche

Tiled Niches

A tiled niche in your wet area is a really practical inclusion to your shower. Rather than having a shelf sticking out of the wall the tiled niche is recessed into the wall creating a clean, clutter-free shower space. Just think – no chance of hitting your head, knocking the shampoo off or even breaking the shower shelf (Yes, it does happen!). They also bring the added benefit of being easier to clean as well – no soap scum on glass shelves or rusty wire soap baskets!

Walk In Shower

Walk-in Showers / Wet Rooms

Who wants to clean shower screens? Even a frameless screen can end up looking a bit tacky in a few years’ time. If you have the room in your bathroom you can ditch the screens altogether and re-design your bathroom to include a walk-in wet room with no shower screens.

You also get a bigger shower to ensure that minimal overspray spreads into your bathroom. We recommend that you keep your wet room no smaller than 1.5m x 1.0m. The perfect size is 1.8m x 1.0m wide. And because of the larger shower, you can really go to town with a strip grate, overhead shower heads or even 2 separate shower heads. Whatever suits you best!

Wall Hung Vanity

Wall Hung Vanities

Continuing with the bathroom theme, another really popular design trend for modular homes at the moment is wall hung vanities. Wall-hung vanities really add a ‘wow’ factor to your bathroom and are one of the most affordable features you can add to your bathroom. And, with fewer corners to mop around, it also makes your bathroom that little bit easier to clean!


Walk in Pantry


Need more space in your Kitchen? Many of our clients choose to put a separate walk-in butlers pantry on to their Kitchen. With full shelving and additional space, it’s a great way to add more storage into the home and still keep your kitchen functional. Some of our clients have even combined the butler’s pantry with a walk-in linen cupboard and linked it to the laundry! 

Drawers to Kitchen


Adding drawers to the kitchen instead of the old cupboards is another way to not only make your kitchen space more functional but to save your back. Using drawers instead of cupboards means that you don’t have to bend down and reach to the back of the cupboard but you can pull ALL the storage space out and access what you need quickly and easily. 

Stone Benchtops

Stone Tops

Stone benchtops are one of the most requested Kitchen features our clients ask for. There is a multitude of different benchtop options to choose from. We use Caesarstone, essastone and Smartstone most commonly. So, if you’re wanting to make a statement with your kitchen, go with a stone benchtop!

Raked Ceilings

Raked Ceilings

Raked ceiling (or cathedral ceilings as they are sometimes known) have been a staple design feature in Westbuilt modular homes for years. In a compact space, they can add a beautifully open, airy feel.

Some other ideas clients consider with raked ceilings are to have exposed timber rafters or even a stained timber ceiling. Cedar Sales have some really innovative and impressive products you could potentially use as a feature to make your modular home really pop!

Modwood Decking


Composite decking is a real hit at the moment. While it doesn’t look quite as great as a well-maintained timber it definitely is easier to look after. Clients are choosing this for their verandahs due to the following;

  1. Ease of maintenance – no more re-coating.
  2. Ease of Cleaning – just hose it down or even use a water blaster!
  3. Longevity – you don’t have to worry about the boards rotting or splitting. Apart from a little bit of fade don’t have to worry about it at all!

Read this article to find what the top 4 most requested verandah features are.


So, we hope you’ve found this article on the design trends for modular homes helpful. We don’t pretend that this is a comprehensive or exhaustive list of what is trending at the moment. The top 10 design features in modular homes for you will more than likely be a totally different list to what we’ve done here. You can get more inspiration by downloading our Look Book

Would you like to find out how to incorporate some of these features into your new home? Westbuilt specialises in custom designing modular homes. You can start from scratch with your own design or just amend one of our standard designs.

At Westbuilt, we believe that the best modular home design is your design!

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