Top 5 mistakes made while designing a custom modular home (and how to avoid them!)

Wondering what mistakes to avoid when designing your custom modular home? A poorly designed home only leads to frustration and a dissatisfied client! So, we’ve put together the top modular home design mistakes made by our clients and discussed how to prevent these “unhappy” traps!

From storage space to energy efficiency and using the wrong type of design, we’ve got something from everyone! Read on about how to avoid these five mistakes and make your home the perfect design for you!

Bad storage space planning

So, the number one mistake we see from our clients is a lack of storage space planning. Quite often, we find clients will overlook storage altogether or worse, put storage space in the wrong areas. For instance, does your master bedroom need such a large walk-in robe when you’ve only got one small cupboard in the laundry?

We recommend you think about the type of storage you need, where you use it, and what gets used the most early in the design process.

And, one area that gets overlooked entirely is bathroom storage. We recommend you consider putting eye level storage in the bathroom (I.e. a mirror cabinet) along with a tallboy or similar.

Skimping on energy efficiency to save money

Another major mistake many clients make is not to spend extra money on energy efficiency. While all new homes do have to meet a minimum energy efficiency level, it isn’t that good. We’ve seen clients get all the bell’s and whistles “inside” the home and decide to take out underfloor insulation.

If you’re looking for an affordable energy efficiency “fix” for your new home, we’d recommend you.

  • Upgrade your ceiling insulation.
  • Include underfloor insulation.
  • Upgrade your windows with Low-e glass.
  • Add fans and LED Lights throughout the home.

Too many external corners

When you’re designing your home, a common mistake we see is adding too many outer wall corners! To be clear, we’re not advocating you stick with just a square box, but you need to be aware that every additional corner adds cost. For more information on pricing view our article on modular home cost.

With this mistake, there is no real right and wrong answer. Just bear in mind that the more corners, the more complex, the more expensive your home will be!

Using an off the shelf floor plan

Ok, if you’re on a budget or just investing, then using an “off the shelf” home design from large project builders is quite adequate. But, if you want a design that correctly suits you, the worst thing you can do is use an off the shelf design.

Now, we’re not saying that all project plans are useless. But they must be tailored to suit you exactly! Your lifestyle. Your site. We recommend you use all standard plans as suggestions only!

So, this is where a competent building designer comes in to play. By sitting down with a qualified building designer in the early stages and working through your requirements on a room to room basis, you will have a far more satisfactory home design and a better building experience. Follow the link to view our recent 2 bedroom prefab home designs.

You try to squash an onsite design into an offsite concept.

Our last of the top five mistakes is not to think modular when designing your home. Quite often, we find that clients will try to use a traditional “onsite” home design and try to amend this to suit modular. In most cases, this isn’t possible, or you end up with a poorly designed home.

If you want the perfect modular home design, then you need to start thinking modular as early in the design process as possible. And, along with our professional custom design team, we can help you create the home of your dreams!


If you have your own vision for your house, we are happy to work with you to design the perfect layout that is tailored just for you.


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