• How to minimise the cost of transporting your modular home

    21st June, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    When you’re building a new modular home, one of the most critical cost centres is the cost of transporting your lovely home to your site. So, minimising the transport cost, while maximising your floor space is a significant ‘formula’ you need to look at when designing your home – especially if you’re a long way… Read more »

  • Kitchen Showcase: 3 inspiring modular home kitchens by Westbuilt

    14th June, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Looking for kitchen design inspiration for your new home? Don’t know where to start? Alternatively, are you just interested in what’s possible with kitchens in modular homes? Then browse through these photos of three inspiring kitchens we’ve completed for our clients over the last three years. From the modern minimalist style to the warm country… Read more »

  • 4 key points to consider before designing your new modular home (and how to make it under budget!)

    7th June, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Building yourself a new home is one of the most exciting adventures you can embark upon. Unfortunately, getting overwhelmed with details and decisions is an all too familiar feeling for persons building their new home.   You will find out along the way that one of the things we builders all love to do is… Read more »

  • 5 new and improved 2-bedroom modular homes by Westbuilt

    31st May, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    We’ve been busy updating our modular home plan range with new and modern ideas. In our design review, we’ve initially focused on smaller 2-bedroom modular homes as a starting point. In this week’s post, we’ve collated a selection of re-touched two bedroom prefab homes for your interest. So, read on to get some inspiration and… Read more »

  • Termites: Will my new house be protected?

    24th May, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Termites – we’ve all heard the horror stories and the expense that is associated with a termite attack. The last thing you want near your new home is termites! So, this week we’ve looked into termites, what they are, the types of barriers, and how to prevent them. So, click through to find out all… Read more »

  • The Bergen. A modern modular home by Westbuilt.

    17th May, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    This week we’re releasing our latest design inspiration – the Bergen design. Taking inspiration from the Nordic style with a minimalistic touch this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is a must see. So, read on to check out some renders and the floorplan on this beautiful design. Entry The featured timber panelling to draw your… Read more »