• The Glenvale 2 Federation

    17th January, 2020 | by David Westerman
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    We have given the Glenvale 2 design a real workover, and we reckon it looks spectacular! Internally, we have just done a few smaller retouches, but on the outside is the most significant changes. With a striking Queenslanders / Federation façade, this home will look perfect on an acreage block. With full wrap-around verandahs, a… Read more »


    10th January, 2020 | by David Westerman
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    We are living in a time where most folks are contemplating ways of how they can help to reduce their carbon emissions to preserve the planet now and for future generations. We get this, and our team love to make suggestions to our clients to assist them in making their lovely new home more liveable… Read more »

  • Three new 2-bedroom prefab home designs by Westbuilt

    20th December, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Our designers have been busy over the last few weeks preparing three new home designs for your viewing! We’ve created each design to introduce a modern, unique feel and showcase what you can do with a modular home. These prefab designs are perfect as a manager’s home, second dwelling or retirement home – whatever your… Read more »

  • Saving Water. 4 tips on how to save water in your new home!

    6th December, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Saving Water. With this drought on us, now is as good a time as ever to consider how you can save water! And, if you’re building a new home, then you need to make sure you incorporate at least 2, if not all, of these water-saving inclusions in your new home! So, read on find… Read more »

  • Passive Cooling. Five features to consider keeping the summer heat at bay.

    29th November, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Passive Cooling. What’s it mean? Well, we think it is merely the best, cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to keep the summer heat at bay! With the official start of summer here, what better time to consider it. (Yes, it’s been unofficially summer for quite some time!) Read on to find out about five… Read more »

  • Council approval for prefab homes. What do I need to do?

    22nd November, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Getting council approval for your prefab modular home usually is a simple process. In saying that, in NSW especially, you will need to watch out for some quirks with individual councils. Also, if you’re considering a second dwelling, then this has another whole range of issues you need to consider. So, to help demystify council… Read more »