Do you have a price list?

Westbuilt doesn’t offer a ‘pricelist’ of all our home designs. You can request pricing by visiting our ‘How much does a modular home cost’ page.

Do you provide modular home finance?

Westbuilt Homes isn’t a financial services provider – we’re a modular home builder! But, many of our clients choose to finance their new modular homes through a bank or credit union.

Check out our Finance page here for more information.

What are your standard inclusions?

Our inclusions are your inclusions. We custom design each and every one of our modular homes to suit your exact needs.

However, we do have a standard inclusions document that outlines 3 levels of inclusion based on the most common items our clients ask for. Download it here.

How far does Westbuilt transport modular homes?

Westbuilt services clients right across QLD and northern NSW. From Mt Isa to Townsville, down to Brisbane & SE QLD and as far south as Mudgee, you can get a Westbuilt home.

Of course, transport costs do change for longer distances. You will need to consider other major cost centres such as reactive soil, bushfire, flood and cyclones.

Can I use my own design, or do I have to use one of your plans?

Absolutely! In fact, we specialise in custom designing prefab and modular homes to suit our client’s exact needs. Find out more about custom designing your modular home here.

What’s the difference between modular homes, removal homes or kit homes?

Modular Homes are often referred to as prefab homes, transportable homes, modular, relocatable and so on. Each building company constructs its specific style of home differently but the all have the following two main characteristics:

  • At least 80% of the building work is completed in a factory, offsite.
  • The homes are transported to the site in a number of sections and re-joined onsite

Removal Homes are a second-hand home which is removed from its existing site and re-installed on a new site. Once installed on the new site, significant building work has to be completed to upgrade the home to modern building, electrical, plumbing and energy efficiency standards. Check out some examples here.

We find that clients who choose to build a removal home are generally ‘owner builders’ who want the following:

  • To keep the character and style of an old, classical, style home. For instance a QLDer or federation style home. And, let’s face it – no new build can match that.
  • Have the time, and money, to spend on getting the home ‘just right’.

Kit Homes are buildings that are manufactured offsite in a factory and delivered as a flat pack to the client’s site. The client will then need to commission a builder or get an owner builders certificate to erect and complete the home onsite.

Kit homes are perfect for the client who is on a limited budget, has a lot of DIY nouse and most importantly has the time to spend erecting their home.

How long does it take to build a modular home?

For a Westbuilt modular home, we find that the home is generally completed in the factory within 8 weeks. The home is then delivered and installed on the site and within 3-4 weeks after delivery. So that leaves us a total of 12 weeks from the start of construction to completion.

Overall though, we find that most clients end up moving into their new Westbuilt home within 6 months of initially choosing to build with Westbuilt.


If you have your own vision for your house, we are happy to work with you to design the perfect layout that is tailored just for you.


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