The new 2 bedroom relocatable home with a modern facade!

Gwydr - 2 bedroom relocatable home

Modern Façade on Relocatable Homes

Many people today are looking at alternate, agile building options. Life is only getting busier and we seem to have less and less time to spend on what is important. Our clients find that building a relocatable home is a really simple way to ensuring that you build a home is the shortest possible time with the least amount of stress. BUT…many people may consider the look of a relocatable home to be a bit of a turnoff.

The truth is that a new relocatable home can look as stylish as any other conventional home by applying a few cost effective modern façade cladding options. Case in example is the above image which shows the Gwydir plan with a modern façade using a combination of Weathertex cladding options. You wouldn’t even know it’s a relocatable home!

This means you can get a architectural looking relocatable home (with a real WOW! factor) ,but above all, with the added benefits of being constructed using a modular and agile building system!

Relocatable Home Building Benefits

The benefits of building your new home using a modular building system include:

  1. Shorter build times. Generally speaking a Westbuilt modular homes take 12-16 weeks to construct, plus 4-6 weeks of preliminary work – all up about 5 months.
  2. Fixed price contract. Firstly we will work with you to find out exactly what you want before presenting a contract. That way we can guarantee there will be no hidden costs. No one likes nasty surprises!
  3. Quality control. Because relocatable homes are built in a factory, relocatable homes are constantly monitored and checks are done at all stages of the building process. This, in turn, ensures that your can be certain of the quality of you new home.
  4. Less disruption onsite. Because at least 80% of a new prefabricated home is built in a factory, this in turn means that time onsite is much shorter (usually between 4 and 6 weeks) and waaaay less disruptive! 
  5. Greater structural strength. As a result of transport requirements, modular homes are built stronger than onsite homes to withstand the demands of delivery.

The Gwydir Home Design

Below is the plan of the Gwydir home:

Interested in getting more information? Call or enquire online and we will be glad to help. The Westbuilt Homes team would be more than happy to work with you to custom design your relocatable home to suit your exact needs!

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