• Custom-built bespoke home by Westbuilt

    7th September, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Murray & Kelly got in touch with about building a new modular home for them back in 2013. They were looking for a builder who could modify their existing design to suit and get the home completed in 16 weeks! After a few weeks going back and forth plus a visit to their site, they… Read more »

  • Modular Homes. A smart alternative to traditional onsite building.

    19th July, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    So, you’re looking to build a new home. Researching. Fact-finding. Looking at options. Maybe you’ve seen an ad on Facebook, or we’ve popped up in a Google search. Whatever the method, you’ve come across modular homes and are thinking – I wonder if this is an option for me? In this article, we’re going to… Read more »

  • Square meter pricing for homes? Is it still relevant?

    18th April, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    How much does a car cost per seat? Alternatively, what is a dollar per kg of that car? Can you imagine walking into a car dealership and asking that question? So why do we still ask builders what does a house cost per m2? Read on to get an understanding of what m2 pricing means,… Read more »

  • Five refreshing features our clients are putting in their prefab homes.

    12th April, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    This week we’ve compiled a list of 5 refreshing features our clients are currently are putting in their new homes. From timber look tiles to barn doors and timber feature walls our clients are choosing some very impressive inclusions. So, read on to get a little bit of inspiration for your new home. We’ve included… Read more »

  • Why do I need a soil test? Modular home footings and reactive soil sites explained.

    5th April, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    The footings of your home are incredibly vital, and a soil test is the most critical part of getting this right. In this article, we go over the process that must be followed to ensure that your house is built right – from the ground up! So, read on to find out about soil tests,… Read more »

  • Case Study – a new three-bedroom prefab home at Cawongla NSW

    15th March, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    At Westbuilt, we believe that building your new home should be an easy, stress-free and effortless experience. To achieve that vision, we’ve put some serious effort into designing every one of our client’s homes so that they are smart, efficient and pleasant modular homes because a well-designed home is a happy home! In this case… Read more »