20th September, 2019 | by Westbuilt Homes
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    Let’s look at some of the key reasons clients choose to build their dream homes using modern modular methods. The first reason clients will choose to build a modular home is because of the fast and guaranteed building timeframe. So, the construction time for a modular home is one of the main benefits of building… Read more »

  • The top 4 most requested verandah features modular home clients ask for!

    12th July, 2019 | by Westbuilt Homes
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     It’s the middle of winter and let’s admit it, who doesn’t really look forward to summer. Just think of those warm summer evenings spent sitting on your verandah after a hard day’s work or the weekend get together BBQ with steaks, snags, and a few coldies. Outdoor living is central to most of our lives… Read more »


    23rd July, 2018 | by Westbuilt Homes

    CONTROLLED COST Another benefit of building a modular home is the cost is far more controlled when compared to a traditional onsite home. With your home being constructed in a factory, we are able to ensure trades, materials and labour are controlled and managed far more efficiently. This, in turn, means that we are able… Read more »


    13th July, 2018 | by Westbuilt Homes
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    Controlled Quality One of the more surprising but important benefits of transportable homes is the increased quality over against traditional onsite built homes. Despite popular misconceptions, modular homes are sometimes subject to even stricter regulations and engineering controls than traditional homes. The main reasons for this are: They need to be strong enough to withstand… Read more »

  • FREE Wood Heater! Order before June 30.

    21st June, 2018 | by Westbuilt Homes
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    Get in quick! We will install a free wood heater into every home that is ordered before June 30 – complete with a flue kit! Homes valued over $27,000 will receive a free Kemlan Super Nova II wood heater (valued at $2500) Homes valued under $270,000 will receive a free Jindara Pilbara wood heater (valued at $1950)… Read more »

  • The modern style Balonne 2

    13th April, 2018 | by Westbuilt Homes
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    Applying a modern facade to the Balonne 2 gives a new look to an old favourite. The Balonne 2 is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home that has been popular for use as a secondary dwelling, retirement home or accommodation quarters on a property.