3 x modular home designs that work great as a second dwelling.

We’re finding that many of our clients think that adding a secondary dwelling or dual occupancy option to their existing home is a great idea. (We agree!) Whether it’s just to add a bit of value to your property and get some rental income or to give the kids their own space or even to care for the older parents, a second dwelling or dual occupancy is a win-win concept.

One of the most common council requirements for second dwellings or dual occupancy style homes is that they need to have no more than 100m2 of living area. So, with this in mind, we’ve curated a range of modular homes from our standard range of homes that work beautifully as second dwellings under 100m2.

The Bexhill mk1. A modern, minimalist second dwelling.

If you are looking for a thoroughly modern modular home for your site, then the Bexhill design is a great place to start in your search for the perfect second dwelling. Featuring a spacious open plan living area flowing through to the minimalistic galley-style kitchen and then opening out onto a great outdoor entertainment area this home has been designed around a modern lifestyle from the ground up!’

The Burnett 1. Colonial charm in a little package.

Now, for the Burnett 1. This 2-bed home is the opposite of the Bexhill design and is great for the homeowner who is looking to add a dual occupancy home with a bit of rustic colonial charm. With a wrap-around verandah, gables and a more traditional design layout, this home is the perfect little retreat. Just add a steep roof pitch using our innovative fold-down roof system and 9-foot ceilings, and you’ve your very own little Queenslander!

The Kingscliffe. The perfect retreat for the backyard.

If you’re looking for a bush-retreat style second dwelling, then this lovely two-bedroom home design is worth considering. The design allows the house to be positioned far back on your bush block with a front verandah and entry. Plus, the galley style kitchen and open plan living area give this home the right mix between a traditional-style modular home and a modern bush retreat.

2-bed, 2-bath modular design options area on the way!

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom open plan modular home bathrooms with strip grates and wall hung vanities.

Ok, so these 3 designs only feature a single bathroom, and we would like to acknowledge that many clients who choose to build a second dwelling actually want 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms! Our busy little design team is working flat out on designing custom homes for our clients and slipping in a bit of design work on some more 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom modular home designs to add to our website and send to our loyal followers!

Custom designing your very own modular second dwelling.

modern modular second dwelling homes for acreage sites in northern nsw and south east qld

So now we’ve mentioned our design team lets give them a shout out. If none of our design suggestions really work for you, then why not consider working with our team to create your very own little castle for the backyard! Just give us a budget, some guidance about what you want in your home plus how you’d like your it to look and we can get cracking.


If you have your own vision for your house, we are happy to work with you to design the perfect layout that is tailored just for you.


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